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  • #nationaldogday These two cuddle-nuggets. #7montholds #boxerShepard #labstaffy

  • by @the_pilgrimage_ “So back in Feb I made 10 of these points covers to auction off when I couldn’t pay the bills due to a car accident my wife was involved in. By the time I hit number 2 I had them paid off thanks to everyone that bid on them. I reached out to others for help and now it’s my turn to do the same. I have 3 covers left - 2 vertical (sporty) and 1 horizontal (shovel). Throw a bid on here for the next 3 weeks and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to @trashy_candy. Starts every Monday and ends Friday, one cover per week. You choose which one one you want. @death_science @chopperprophets” #knowyourhistory #goodluckwesley

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  • Go now! And check out @meditation4madmen’s Born Free 6 Film! So damn good! Great job Daniel! #m4m #bf6 #alwaysbechopperin - Just released this sweet BF6 video. If your not following Daniel, you’re missing out! #ruling

    Video Here:

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  • by @billychildress “Wesley is up and doing great. He’s had me and @death_science in stitches laughing so hard all day. I’m happy to see Wesley acting like his old self. Don’t forget to go buy the FUCK CARS tshirt over @death_science either to help show your support and love for him.”

    Anyone who wants to donate anything to Wes’s “Stay Up” care package, shoot me an email

  • @gloversgarage is a ridin’ fool. Laying down miles before brunch and then going back for more. #alwaysbechopperin #milesforsmiles

  • If your in Michigan and looking for something to do today, Oily Souls has you covered! Detroit, MI. 2pm to Midnight. Get some! #oilysouls

  • by @babesrideout “Say helllllllllllooooo to @lizhorton303 such a stunning woman!”

    You ladies register yet? Don’t miss out on THE lady riders event of the year. #babesrideout @babesrideout for more info.

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  • As many of you know, our friend Wes was in a bad accident. He’s doing real well and should have his own room soon. Once he’s more awake and in less pain, he’s going to need something to help him stay encouraged.

    I’m putting together a “stay up” care package for him. If you’d like to donate something to the package please send me a quick email ( and I’ll give you the details. Stickers, shirts, hats, books, magazines, parts, etc welcome! Feel free to repost or tag someone you think would want to donate. #prayersforwes

  • I’m sure most parents are trying to raise their kids to be respectful, but this is a great little reminder. #nobullies

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  • "By @show_class_mag "Your CHANCE to HELP out…. Our buddy Wesley was in a bad wreck. He has lots of broken bones and serious injuries but thankfully he is improving everyday…. I tell you all this for 2 reasons… First, to say, WATCH THE FUCK OUT WHEN YOU’RE DRIVING… Second, to say, THERE’S A WAY YOU CAN HELP…. and get some FREE STUFF from Show Class… Wesley’s family started up a Gofundme page for Wesley and Candy -

    Here’s the deal…. we are gonna give away 2 PRIZE PACKS… here’s how to get involved:

    1 - Go DONATE whatever you can spare… fuck Starbucks for the day… 2 - Repost this and put #fuckcars (don’t be a shit bag and just put the # on someone else’s post - we are trying to spread the word not run a contest)

    3 - Sit back and wait until the end of August

    4 - We will PICK 2 WINNERS on Sept. 1. One winner will be picked randomly from those who repost this with the right #… the Second WINNER will be picked from the list of all who donate $20 or more.

    What can you win, besides that feeling that you did something worth a shit today by helping a good guy in a SHITTY situation out….. the # winner will get a FREE 1-Year Sub. The WINNER picked from all those who donated $20 or more will get a BALLER package including a 2-Year Sub, a gaggle of shirts, stickers, pins, patches and hats AND one of the LIMITED EDITION Mercy Supply Tool Bags….. Get to donating… it’s for a GOOD cause… Hang in there Wesley!” #FUCKCARS #showclassmagazine #supportthosewhosupportyou”